Tax Collections

If you are looking for copies of your tax statements, you can find them at the Burnett County Website ( by clicking on Property Tax Search in the information box found at the left of the screen.  The resulting page displays a link the Novus-Wisconsin website which provides online public access to real estate tax information; there is also a link which will provide a .pdf document of instructions for how to use the Novus site.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, there will be no public payment sessions this year.  Those preferring not to mail their payments may drop them at the lockbox situated in the door of the Oakland Town Hall, 27826 Lone Pine Road, Webster.

If you have any questions, you may reach the Town Treasurer, Lynda Weber, at (715) 733-0896.

You can mail either payment in full or payment of the first half, as directed on your Tax Statement, to:

Lynda Weber
PO Box 616
Webster WI 54893

She will receive payments through January 31, 2021.




If you need to make a payment for outstanding Real Estate Taxes after January 31st, you must contact  the Burnett County Treasurer's Office  at (715) 349-2187 for the current amount and any interest you may owe to date.

If you need to make a payment of Personal Property Tax, you will need to contact the Town Treasurer, Lynda Weber, for the amount and any interest you may owe to date.

If you  need a Dog License,  please include a separate check made out to the Town of Oakland with your completed form (a copy was included with your taxes if you licensed a dog last year)  and a current Rabies Certificate  from your Veterinarian.

Dog Licenses may also be obtained by contacting Lynda at (715) 733-0896.