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Resolution No. 2023-005 (Resolution of Town Board to Become a Member of the Burnett County Tourism Zone Commission









Pursuant to Wis. Stats.§ 66.0615, the municipality listed below enters into this agreement/contract for the purposes of coordinating tourism promotion and tourism development for a tourism zone.

Town of Oakland, Burnett County, Wisconsin

Whereas, the contracting municipalities desire to create a room tax commission consistent with state statutes.

Whereas, the contracting municipalities agree and acknowledge the geographic area encompassing the municipalities is a single destination of surrounding and participating Burnett County municipalities that are not currently under agreement with any other existing Room Tax Commission or existing Room Tax Zone.

Whereas, the municipality listed above upon creation of this tourism zone will also approve Burnett County Tourism Coalition as the approved Tourism Entity for the new Burnett County Room Tax Zone.

Whereas, the state legislature has established statutory guidelines for the collection of room tax, the promotion of tourism, and the make-up of multiple jurisdiction room tax commissions which is set forth in Wis. Stats. § 66.0615.

Now therefore be it resolved, for valuable consideration and mutual benefit, it is agreed by the contracting municipalities as follows:

  1. That the geographic area encompassing the contracting municipalities is a single destination, made up of multiple Burnett County Towns and Villages, as perceived by the traveling public, and therefore a zone, as that term is used in Wis. Stats. § 66.0615(1)(h)
  2. That the Burnett County Room Tax Commission (the Commission) is hereby established for the purpose of coordinating tourism promotion and tourism development for the Burnett County Tourism Zone (Zone) under Wis. Stats. § 66.0615,
  3. That the Commission shall appoint Burnett County Tourism Coalition as the tourism entity upon creation of the Burnett County Room Tax Zone and Commission.
  4. That the Commission shall have the following powers, rights and duties:
    1. Establishing the rate of tax (to be the same across all participating municipalities) and monitoring the collection of room taxes from each municipality within the zone that imposes a room tax.
    2. Contracting with a tourism entity qualified under Wis. Stats. § 66.0615(1)(f), to provide staff and support services, contracted services, development activities and promotional services for the purpose of promoting the zone to visitors.
    3. Appointing additional members to the commission according to state statute.
    4. Providing input for the tourism entity’s plans and programs, the means of implementing, and the program budget.
    5. Meeting regularly to review room tax collections and distribution of funds and address any questions or concerns as needed.
    6. Reporting delinquencies or inadequate reporting to the municipality that is due the tax.
    7. Collecting delinquent room taxes.
  5. It is anticipated that additional municipalities may join this agreement in the future, and the membership composition below will be adjusted accordingly as outlined in Wis. Stats. § 66.0615. Membership shall be formally recognized upon the principal elected official of the municipality presenting verification of municipal council/board action of approval of a room tax ordinance and approval of a resolution to join the commission, and a majority vote of the current members of the commission to approve acceptance.
  6. Membership on the Commission shall be consistent with Stats. § 66.0615, with the initial composition of the commission made up of the following members, to be appointed by the principal elected official in the municipality and confirmed per statute by the commission chairman: Wayne Larrabee, Chairman, Town of Oakland.
  7. Two additional members, who represent the Wisconsin short term rental industry, shall be appointed to the commission by the chairperson of the commission, and shall serve for a one-year term at the pleasure of the chairperson and may be reappointed.
  8. Burnett County Tourism Coalition representative (non-voting).
  9. The contracting municipalities shall enact such ordinances and resolutions necessary to satisfy this agreement and effect the contract with the commission provided for by Stats. § 66.0615.
  10. Each contracting municipality shall forward to the commission, for funding of tourism promotion or tourism development, an amount not less than the statutory amount required by Wis. Stats. § 66.0615.
  11. Any increase in the percentage of room tax put into effect during the life of this agreement will be remitted to the commission for tourism promotion and tourism development pursuant to requirements of Wis. Stats. § 66.0615.
  12. Each contracting municipality, as a voting member of the Commission, shall act to distribute funds from collected taxes following the requirements outlined in Wis. Stats. § 66.0615.
  13. In signing this agreement, representatives of the respective municipality represent and warrant this contract has been approved by the legislative body of that municipality and that appropriate authority rests in the signatories on behalf of the respective municipality.
  14. The initial effective date of this agreement shall be the date upon which at least 2 contracting municipalities sign this agreement, and the effective date will be amended each time to the date any new contracting municipality so enters.



                      Wayne Larrabee

               Wayne Larrabee, Town Chairman


                      Timothy McIntyre                                                                        Daniel Murphy  

            Timothy McIntyre, Town Supervisor                                            Daniel Murphy, Town Supervisor



Attested by Town Clerk:   Sherril Anderson